About Us

Cycling may be one of the best low impact sports you can choose for keeping in shape and staying fit. The incredible benefits of cycling go far beyond a good muscle workout; it improves joint mobility, reduces stress, increases cardiovascular health and minimizes incidences of lifestyle ailments that have become the bane of our life.

At The Bike Zone, we help you discover the joys of cycling with our comprehensive selection of cycling products. From bikes and accessories to safety gears and spare parts, we have it all.  We provide you with everything to assist you in deriving the full benefits of cycling and to facilitate enjoyable cycling experiences for you and your near and dear ones.

Our expansive physical store that stocks and displays the most modern Indian and International brands is located on NH47, Kottukulangara, Kayamkulam. From the avid rider to the recreational enthusiast, our product portfolio includes something for everyone from all age groups and skill levels and includes a wide range of gearless and geared cycle models of various sizes and features, cycle accessories and spares. We deal with the leading cycle brands available worldwide including Firefox, Scott, Bergamont, Trinx, Cosmic, BSA and Hercules.

Our highly knowledgeable sales staff are at hand to give you expert guidance in choosing the right cycle. We offer lifetime warranty for geared cycles. We also provide professional training to riders for riding cycles of varying sophistication and features on all types of terrain.

It is essential that you wear and carry the right accessories while you go on your biking expeditions. These include cycle carriers to be fitted on your car, clothing and helmets, water bottles and bottle holders, air pumps, etc.  At Bike Zone, we stock a wide range of quality accessories for you to choose from to ensure that you have wholesome cycling experience. Use of the right kind of accessories ensures your safety while on cycling expeditions.

We also stock a wide range of items for kids which include kids cycles, tricycles, baby walkers, battery-operated toys, etc. We thus ensure that your little ones do not leave disappointed from our stores and they carry quality toys that they can use during their growing years.

We also offer a first-of-its-kind service facility wherein we have a fully equipped service van that can visit you to offer cycle repair service at your doorstep. With this facility, we also offer pick up of cycles that require extensive servicing and return of the cycles once it is repaired at our workshop.

We are now poised to bring this expertise and experience online by launching our exclusive online cycle shopping portal. We welcome you to shop with us online and benefit from the variety of products and solutions that we offer that will facilitate and add to your cycling experiences.